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We offer a variety of coffins and urns, choose from the traditional wooden coffins to more unusual wicker or cardboard coffins.

Coffins can also include unique paintings and designs helping you to personalise the funeral ceremony further.

In addition, people sometimes like to place items or mementos in the coffin with their loved one such as letters, photos, or something that reflects a favourite pastime of the deceased like a book, sport shirt, dance shoes and so on. We will advise you on this.

We wash and dress everyone in our care. Some people like to provide us with items such as a favourite outfit.

Our funeral directors will carry out your wishes carefully and respectfully but, if you would like to help us look after your loved one, please let us know.


We offer a wide range of coffins from a simple cremation or burial coffin to the more elaborate solid wood casket.


We are also pleased to offer bamboo, willow and cardboard coffins as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coffins.



Our supplier of bamboo coffins and urns has strong green beliefs. All their products are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way, hand made in China, in their company’s factory which we are pleased to say has achieved Fair Trade status.



An elegant eco.friendly coffin beautifully and caringly woven by skilled craftsmen making each coffin unique and special. Willow is the ideal renewable crop, harvested each year, yet recovers to a height of over six feet when grown in the right conditions on the Somerset Levels.



The simplest of all the environmentally friendly coffins and at one time the only alternative to the traditional coffin, rarely requested since the introduction of bamboo and willow.

Image by Brooks Leibee

Poems, Readings and Eulogies

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